12th EMTC Conference – “Music Therapy in Progress: Please Disturb!”

Thirty years ago the first EMTC conference was held in Cambridge, UK. This year the 12th conference took place in Edinburgh, UK, from 8th-12th June at Queen Margaret University. In order for as many people to join us who wanted to participate, the conference was a hybrid event, held both in-person and online. On 6th and 7th June there were a number of pre-conference events, including music therapy assessment, business development for music therapy organisations, music therapy in end-of-life care and a students’ meeting, amongst others.

The conference is always a wonderful opportunity to get together with colleagues and friends, old and new, and this year was no exception. We were inspired by stories of each other’s work, entertained by local performers and moved as we listened to both the great pioneers, and the upcoming champions of our beautiful profession.

The conference website can be found here: www.qmu.ac.uk/conferences-and-events/emtc-2022