5th Bulgarian National Music Therapy Conference: “Harmony Within and Without”

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”

Victor Hugo


Dear Colleagues,

We kindly invite you to join the forthcoming national music therapy conference with international participation, organized by the Bulgarian Association for Music Therapy on “Harmony Within and Without” as a presenter, by submitting your paper.

You are very welcome to take part and present your recent professional area of research and experience on a topic of your choice, and in one of the following directions:

  • Theoretical and practical aspects of music therapy
  • Cross-sectional areas between music therapy and other expressive approaches 
  • The role of music therapy in the prevention and treatment of mental and somatic illnesses    

We kindly invite you to participate with one of the following six distinct formats:

1. Scientific Report (15 min.)

A short presentation of upcoming research and other forms of scientific work in the field of music therapy.

2. Research Presentation (30 min.) 

This session enables the author to present research in the field of music therapy (aims, conduct and results). The presentation should be accompanied by a beamer presentation.  

3. Lecture/Report (30 min.)

A collection of papers presented at the conference would be potentially possible. Authors can prepare papers for publication in accordance with editorial requirements.

4. Clinical Case Study (60 min.)

This session provides an opportunity of clinically presenting and discussing a case or a few short clinical vignettes, as well as a theoretical part prepared beforehand in the form of a concise description for spreading out among participants enrolled for the atelier. Please, post your enrollment requirements towards participants or regarding their number on this session, if any.

5. Discussion on a Particular Topic (60 min.)

Focused groups will provide an opportunity for discussing topics, sharing of good practices, and current and future tendencies in close or distant work areas. Within this frame issues from the clinical practice in social work, healthcare, education and culture can be purposefully discussed. A format with the participation of a moderator, invited by the presenter is possible. Sessions last between 60 and 90 min.  

6. Workshops and demonstrations (90 min.)

Workshops are a combination of lecturing, presenting and interactive methods of training and participation. Pre-conference workshops are available on the opening day of the conference. 

Please, affirm your participation by sending your abstracts and filling out the form below by May 15th, 2022. 

 Click to download application form

An abstract of your proposal for participation in English is required. Volume should not exceed 180 words.

All approved participants will be notified by May 30th, 2022. 


Fees must be paid in full by September 15, 2022.

For more info on the conference and all conditions for participation, please visit the official web page of the event, the Bulgarian Association for Music Therapy website or contact us at:  bam@bulgarianmusictherapy.com