Aims and Purpose

The European Music Therapy Confederation (EMTC) is a confederation of professional music therapy associations, working actively to promote the further development of professional practice in Europe, and to foster exchange and collaboration between member countries. The overall purpose of the EMTC is to nurture mutual respect, understanding and exchange between music therapists in Europe.

Brief History

The development of a European wide music therapy umbrella organisation began in 1989 with the foundation of the European Music Therapy Association, EMTA, as a forum for exchange between music therapists in Europe. In 1991, the Stichting Muziektherapie organised the first pre-conference “Music Therapy in Health and Education in the European Community” and since then regular conferences in the form of professional meetings have been held: 1992 in the UK (Cambridge), 1995 in Denmark (Aalborg), 1998 in Belgium (Leuven), 2001 in Italy (Naples), 2004 in Finland (Jyväskylä), 2007 in The Netherlands (Eindhoven) , 2010 in Spain (Cadiz), 2013 in Norway (Oslo), 2016 in Austria (Vienna), 2019 in Denmark (Aalborg) and 2022 in Scotland, UK (Edinburgh).

In May 2004 the EMTC achieved official AISBL status at EU level in Brussels, as a non-profit making, international, professional organisation, according to Belgian law. This new EMTC has a Constitution, Bylaws and a Code of Ethics. It is managed by an administrative infrastructure consisting of a Board consisting of a Core Board (President and 2 vice Presidents: General Secretary and Treasurer) and three regional country coordinators. This organogram shows the organisational structure:

Current status and membership

The EMTC is a confederation of professional music therapy associations (i.e. associations of qualified, practising music therapists). Member countries have a single representative. This representative is elected by the member associations (the professional association(s) within each country). The country representative is accountable to the national associations who are members of the EMTC.

In 2024 membership includes  46 music therapy member associations representing 7191 European music therapists in 32 European countries.


Elide Scarlata, President: elide.scarlata@emtc-eu.com
Rita Maia, Vice-President (Secretary-General): rita.maia@emtc-eu.com
Nele Fiers, Vice-President (Treasurer): nele.fiers@emtc-eu.com

Gustavo Schulz Gattino, North Region Coordinator: regionalcoordinatornorth@emtc-eu.com
Elisabeth Kaczynski, Middle Region Coordinator: regionalcoordinatormiddle@emtc-eu.com
Catherin Clancy, South Region Coordinator: regionalcoordinatorsouth@emtc-eu.com

Country Representatives: emtc-eu.com/country-representatives-contact

Thirty Years of EMTC Memories