MIDDEL is a multi-national project evaluating the effects of music therapy and musical interventions on the symptoms of elderly people…

30th Anniversary Exhibition

The EMTC 30th Anniversary exhibition was specially created for the EMTC conference in Edinburgh in 2022, consisting of objects that…

Music Therapy in End of Life Care in Italy

In early July, Mariagrazia Baroni, president of the Italian Association of Music Therapists, led a workshop for students on the topic of…

Sharing Music Therapy Beyond the Borders of Europe

Elizabeth Coombes recently returned from a trip to Jordan where she was part of a team sharing ways music can be used therapeutically with…

In Pictures: Edinburgh 2022 – the First Hybrid EMTC Conference.

Bettina Eichmanns shares photographs and impressions from the Edinburgh 2022 conference.

Ukrainian Association Welcomed as Observing Member to GA

At the General Assembly in Edinburgh this year we were pleased to welcome Yulia Martyn from the Association of Music Therapists of Ukraine…

Music Therapy Enriches Teacher Training in Czech Republic

"Me...Voice!" - a workshop at the Department of Music Education of Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic, 5th May 2022

Vienna-Bergen Collaboration in Autism Research Project

The first in-person meeting of a joint research team in Vienna, February 2022

Student Reflections on Two Conferences in Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland, 26th-30th April 2022

Reflections on the 10th Nordic Music Therapy Conference

Helsinki, Finland, 28th-30th April 2022

European Music Therapy Day 2021 – Share Your Emotion!

The first EMTD organised by the Croatian team.

Obituary: Wita Szulc

Remembering Wita, former Country Representative for Poland.

European Music Therapy Day 2020 – Make a Melody!

Creativity in spite of (or maybe because of??) Covid!

In Memoriam: Maria Munkesjö 1969-2020

Remembering Maria, former Country Representative for Sweden.

11th EMTC Conference – “Fields of Resonance”

Aalborg, Denmark - 26th–30th June 2019

Collaboration with Other Arts Therapies

Results of a survey of country representatives in 2019.

7th EMTC Conference – “Dialogues in Music Therapy”

Eindhoven, The Netherlands - 15th-19th August 2007

6th EMTC Conference – “Many Faces of Music Therapy”

Jyväskylä, Finland - June 16th-20th 2004