Collaboration with Other Arts Therapies

At the EMTC conference in Aalborg in 2019, the Action Team focused on Collaboration with Other Arts Therapies presented the results of a survey conducted with 25 EMTC country representatives. The action team’s work then came to a close, but we would like to share the results of the survey here.

Interpret the next two slides with care! The bar charts show the number of country representatives who gave a particular answer. For example, Slide 3 shows that 18 country representatives said there were master’s degree music therapy courses available in their country, while only 6 said there were bachelor music therapy courses and 3 said there were no courses at all.

Slide 4 shows that 14 people said there was one music therapy association in there country, 3 said there were 2 associations, 4 said there were more than 3 associations, and 2 said there were none.