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Country Representative

Jenny Diouf Lewis

Music Therapist

I have been a music therapist since 2014.

My main field of work is the development and rehabilitation of speech and language skills for children with neurodevelopmental specific learning disorders.

I currently work in private practice.

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Discover more about Music Therapy in France

Music therapy has been present in France since 1970 with the creation of the Association de Recherches et d’Applications des Techniques Psychomusicales (ARATP) in Paris. This development was initiated by Jacque JOST and Edith LECOURT. Since 2003, the university training centers as well as some private training programs have grouped together to form the French Federation of Music Therapy (FFM). This structure facilitates active exchanges between the members. The Federation works towards establishing a professional identity and a recognized status in France for music therapy professionals. All members adhere to a common Code of Ethics that assures the quality of the training programs as well as a serious and respectful clinical practice.

Essentially psychodynamic orientation (Pr Edith Lecourt), but also other approaches such as psycho-pedagogical, behaviourist, cognitive, psychosocial, etc.)

Master Création Artistique
Director : Todd Lubart
L’institut de psychologie Paris 5 Descartes
71 avenue Edouard Vaillant Boulogne Billancourt 92 774 Cedex
Tel : 33 (0)176533058
Réferences : Les Art-thérapies (sous la direction de Todd Lubart et Édith Lecourt )
Édition Armand Colin.

Atelier de Musicothérapie de Bourgogne
Centre Hospitalier Spécialisé Dijon
Pedagogic director: Patrick BERTHELON
Scientific director : Dr. Joël LEREUIL 43, rue Berlier 21000 DIJON 00 33 (0)3 80 66 22 55 000 33 (0) 6 83 30 00 04 Web : Mail :

University Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3
Scientific director: Pr Delphine CAPDEVIELLE
Pedagogic director: Pierre-Luc BENSOUSSAN
11, rue Saint Louis
00 33 (0)4 67 06 07 78
Web :

University de Nantes
Scientific director: Pr. Olivier BONNOT
Pedagogic co-ordination: François-Xavier VRAIT (Institut de Musicothérapie de Nantes)
Pôle Formation continue Santé – Faculté de Médecine
9 Rue Bias
00 33 (0)2 53 48 47 42
00 33 (0)2 53 48 47 47
Web :
Références : La musicothérapie François-Xavier Vrait – Editions PUF

Université Paris V – René Descartes
Pedagogic director: Pr E. LECOURT
University of Paris Descartes
1, rue Lacretelle
75015 PARIS
00 33 (0)l 56 56 12 40
Web :

La Revue de Musicothérapie
revue edited par l’Association Française de Musicothérapie. (Pr. Edith LECOURT) M.T.C, Musique, Thérapie, Communication revue edited par AMBX, Editions du non-verbal (G. DUCOURNEAU)
François-Xavier Vrait La musicothérapie, PUF, 2018
Todd Lubart et Édith Lecourt, Les Arts thérapies, Armand Colin.
LECOURT Edith La musicothérapie, Eyrolles, 2014

Publications Numerous publica:tions by well-known French music therapists. Bibliographies available on Web sites (AFM or CIM). To give a few examples:

  • Ducourneau, Gérard; Musicothérapie, Clinique, Technique, Formation, (Privat, 1981)
  • Lecourt, Edith; Analyse de groupe et musicothérapie, Le groupe et le sonore (ESF, 1993).
  • Lecourt, Edith; La Musicothérapie (PUF, modules 1989)
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