Thrive and flourishas part of a vibrantEuropean network

EMTC connects MT associations from all over Europe

Thrive and flourish as part of a vibrant European network

EMTC connects MT associations from all over Europe
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If we stop growing, we stagnate

Music therapists in your country shouldn’t lack access to the wealth of knowledge and experience available across Europe.

As an individual country association, it is extremely challenging to facilitate ongoing, dynamic growth on your own. EMTC connects

MT associations from all over Europe so that the entire profession can benefit from the resources shared across the community.


Empower your association

By joining forces with other European countries, we can create opportunities for growth that would not be possible on our own.

Vibrant European resource network

Your association will benefit from connections across the continent

Inspiring European heritage

EMTC gives you the opportunity to build on the legacy of the pioneers who have developed the profession over the years.

Professional enrichment across Europe

Members in your country have access to resources that help them grow professionally and serve clients better.



Facilitating change and growth for your country’s association is hard. We want to support you and your association in maintaining a growth mindset.

For over thirty years we have been connecting music therapists across Europe to share knowledge, experience and inspiration in the service of the profession.

*EMTC supports European music therapy country associations to empower music therapists as they serve their clients.

Becoming a member is easy

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As a member, enjoy the benefits of European-wide networking as you exchange knowledge and experience.