Recognition: Cyprus

In 1992, a new ‘Law on Special Education’ was put in practise and for the first time the Ministry of Education and Culture used the professional title ‘Music Therapist’ and employed music therapists in public schools for Special Education.

On 5th of May, 2022, a law on the registration of music therapists and other related matters, has been unanimously passed by the House of Representatives in Cyprus.

It is recognised as Music Therapy since there aren’t any other recognized Arts Therapies in Cyprus.

The recognition of Music Therapy as a profession is not linked to a specific training program as there are no Music Therapy training courses in Cyprus. Music Therapists in Cyprus practically have come from different approved training courses from around the world.

A Music Therapist in order to work in Cyprus should obtain:

  • A university degree (BA/BSc) or equivalent in Music Therapy from an accredited/state recognized training course, which includes adequate supervised internship.

  • Evidence of 30 hours of Continuing Professional Development every two years.

Music therapy is regulated under the ‘law on the registration of music therapists and other related matters’(Cyprus law 68(Ι)/2022).

There are approximately 30 qualified Music Therapists in Cyprus. The majority of Music Therapists in Cyprus work with children and adolescents with learning disabilities in public schools for Special Education or as self-employed Music Therapists in the private sector.

  1. An overseas-trained Music Therapist has to submit their qualifications to KYSATS which is the competent authority of the Republic of Cyprus for the recognition of higher education qualifications, awarded by recognized institutions of higher education.

  2. Submit KYSATS results to the Registration board of Music Therapists in order to be registered.

  1. 2010: First Attempt to table a proposal of Music Therapy legislation to the parliament.

  2. 2010: Cyprus Music Therapy Association (CyMTA) founded.

  3. 2011: CyMTA became a member of the European Music Therapy Confederation (EMTC)

  4. 2020: CyMTA joined the World Federation of Music Therapy (WFMT).

  5. 2020: New attempt: Members of the CyMTA council approached parliamentarians from different political backgrounds, who were members of the  Committee of Health Affairs in order to inform them of the importance of regulating the profession of music therapy in Cyprus.

  6. March 2021:  The Committee of Health Affairs arranged the first official meeting on music therapy legislation and invited relevant stakeholders to participate.

  7. June 2021: The configuration of the law in collaboration with the Legislative Department of the Ministry of Health. Members of the CyMTA council worked closely with the responsible officers of the Ministry of Health and adjusted the legislative proposal following the standards of relevant health professions’ laws and regulations.

  8. May 2022: a law on the registration of music therapists and other related matters, has been unanimously passed by the House of Representatives in Cyprus.

  1. Support from doctors, relevant associations, and health facilities where they had provided music therapy services.

  2. Inform parliamentarians who were members of the Committee of Health Affairs.

  3. Strong personalities in the council of CyMTA who worked rigorously on the legislation and negotiated with parliamentarians.

  1. Establish a country association for music therapy which would promote music therapy and make suggestions towards state legislation governing the registration of music therapists.

  2. Organize public events to inform people about music therapy.

  3. Inform politicians and key persons.

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