Recognition: Italy

You have to be enrolled in a professional association that is included in the register of the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE). Or the same music therapist can achieve a certification of his profession by an institution of certification. Professional music therapists are not obligated to do that.

By an organization registry.

There are about 350 to 400 music therapists enrolled in a professional association.

An overseas-trained music therapist has to meet the criteria of the association. If some parts are missing, they have to undergo extra courses. If the MT comes from a country where MT is legally regulated by the government, the MT can be accepted after an interview and presentation of documents.

Yes, there is an EU system: ACCREDIA (, an impartial authority that attests the competence, independence and impartiality of certification bodies. Under the ACCREDIA system, the certification body Aicq-Sicev manages the register of certified music therapists in partnership with the Italian Association of Music Therapy Professionals (AIM).

In the past 20 years in Italy, the professional MT Association contacted many politicians inside the Italian government and Ministry of Education, Health and Economic Development.

Yes, there was a roundtable created with other Art Therapies and all criteria were created in order to get recognition by the certification process.

The professional association contacted many politicians inside the government and ministry of education, health and economic development.

1. Create an umbrella organisation 

2. Get in contact with a politician who knows Music Therapy and will fight for its recognition.

Contact the Country Representative for Italy