Recognition: Lithuania

Music therapists must have an MA degree.

Music Therapists who work in healthcare institutions need to acquire a licence (permit) in addition to the MA, distributed by the State Accreditation Service for Healthcare Activities.

Music Therapy is legally regulated only in the field of health care professions, where the Ministry of Health regulates the activities and describes the requirements for all Arts Therapies.

The qualifications of an overseas-trained music therapist are compared to the national standards formulated by the Ministry of Health. If approved a licence is issued, only for health care.

1) In 2005 a working group was created at the Lithuanian parliament with members from: Ministry of Health, Education and Social Care, National Music Therapy Association and the National Association of Art Therapies. Debates were conducted on: how MT and ArtT can be defined as services, how MT should be understood, etc. all to gain a basic understanding of MT in general. International and EU educational requirements to become an MT were also examined here.

2) The steps of legal recognition and regulation of MT were always influenced by the ruling political powers and government,

3) In 2011 the Ministry of Health supported and offered great help to strengthen the position of MT in Lithuania. As a consequence legal recognition and a positive reputation of MT as a profession was established. 

4) Ongoing process: continuous communication and discussion is needed between the government, ministries and between MTs and ArtTs.

Yes, and it is still an ongoing collaboration with the representatives from the national associations of: MT, Art Therapy, Dance -, and Movement Therapy, Drama Therapy. Possible future regulations and collaborations have been discussed and planned.

1. Working group in Lithuanian parliament in 2005; 

2. Process of legal recognition and regulation always heavily influenced by governmental and political changes in the country;

3. It is still though an ongoing process.

1. Have a vision!

2. Look into the legislation system of the country in order to know and study the steps to reach and build that vision.

3. Employ, or at least have a legal advisor “at hand” when it is needed.

4. Constant and continuous flow of communication between the present government, ministries involved and the national MT association(s)

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