Recognition: Serbia

There is a specific book with regulations published by the association.

National law regulating Music Therapy was made in 2019.

Overseas-trained music therapists have to submit their qualifications to the Serbian MT association, providing evidence that they meet Serbian criteria, complete an aptitude test and demonstrate proficiency in Serbian language.

Yes, and a certificate is issued for the purposes of professional identification.

At present, 3 ministries are involved: A) Ministry of Education, B) Ministry of Social Care and C) Ministry of Health.


1) MT as a service was officially recognised by the Ministry of Health in 2008.

2) MT as a profession was officially recognised by the Ministry of Social Care in 2019.

3) For the accreditation of the training programme the Ministry of Education was approached and for legal regulation purposes the Ministry of Health was contacted.

4) Ranka Radulovic proposed the establishment of a working group with members from each ministry and from the national association, but until now the working group has not been formed, due to other priorities and the pressing situation with the pandemic.

Yes, in the very early phase of the process, the National Psychotherapy Association was involved as the MT association was a member of their umbrella organisation.

1. Serbian MT association was part of psychotherapy association until 2003.

2.Serbian MT association joined EMTC in 2004.

3. Initial proposals of all official documents made by association and Ranka.

4. There is a working group for legal regulation

5. Law on regulating MT has been proposed but is not accepted yet.

1. Develop legitimacy in the functioning of the professional association

2. Create close working contact with an institution which operates with a high level of cognitive-credibility.

3. The official recognition of MT as a paid service shall take place.

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