Recognition: Switzerland

Music Therapy has been recognised in law since 2011.

As a Music Therapy specialization within Arts Therapy.

There is a link between the recognition and the training program, although it is still possible to work without recognition.

By federal recognition through an exam.

The only procedure of equivalency is at Zürich University. This procedure has to be done before passing the Federal Exam to obtain the Title of Music Therapist in Switzerland. If the criteria are not met, you have to do some more training in Switzerland.

There is an exam, leading to federal recognition, but this is not mandatory.

The Board of Art Therapy Association was leading the process of recognition at the federal level. Music Therapy is recognised as Art Therapy and the Music Therapy recognition is not bound to an academic level.

The Music Therapy association had to become a member of the Art Therapy Association.

  1. The negotiations done by the umbrella organization.

  2. The Music Therapy association had to become a member of the umbrella organisation.

  1. Take a very good look on the professional policy developments in the country and at who you are collaborating with!

  2. Pay attention to the level of classification: academic profession vs. non-academic profession.

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