Community-based preventative programs

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Music therapy as an intervention instrument in the social reintegration of young institutionalized offendersCardoso Felício, José María; Batanero, José Maria FernándezUniversidad de Sevilla,
Uses, functions and musical preferences of teenagers today. A psycho-social perspective for research in music therapyFernández Company, José FernandoUniversidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Spain2016Spanish
Contribution of “Garage” - arts for the welfare of people dealing with mental health –CoMT projectGimmon, Maayan SolomonUniversity of Haifa*, Israel2020English
Issues of Faith in Music therapy for Jewish Religious AdolescentsHacohen, AyalaBar Ilan University, Israel2019English
Emotional competence in Secondary: Intervention with Music Therapy GIMHerráiz, MartaUniversidad de Alcalá, Madrid, Spain2017Spanish
Music therapy and social functioning of children and youth with emotional and behavioural disordersKonieczna, LudwikaThe Frederic Chopin University of Music, Warszawa, Poland2012Polish
Music - narrative - community: Community music therapy in context of child welfare practiceKrüger, ViggoGAMUT*, Bergen,
The influence of Music Therapy in adolescents in situations of risk and social helplessnessPérez Eizaguirre, MirrenUniversidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Spain2012Spanish
The sound of a region - Community Music Therapy as a way of reconnecting people with natureSimon, ChristineUniversity of Music and Drama Hamburg*, Germany2012Germanediss.sub.
Harmonizing Hearts with Many Voices – Analysis of Koolulam, a Mass-Singing Phenomenon, and its Contribution to ResiliencyWiess, Chava & Maor, RotemDaviv-Yellin College2022English
Violence prevention with music: drum improvisation, sound experience, voice expression and music therapeutic role play.Wölfl, AndreasUniversity of Augsburg*, Germany2013German

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