Database of Research in Europe in the Past 15 Years

The database can be viewed in three different ways, depending on how you want to engage with the studies:

All Studies in One Table

Here you can search and sort all studies in the database in one table. For example, you could search for all studies available in a particular language, from a specific university or researcher etc. You could also sort the whole table by year, topic, language and so on.

All Studies - 1 Table

Organised by Topic on One Page

Here studies are organised in separate topic tables with a menu that jumps to each one. This means you can scroll through all the studies or explore specific topics in a flexible way. The tables can be searched and sorted separately but only studies included in each specific table will be filtered.

All Topics - 1 Page

View Separate Topics

Here you can choose from a menu which links to each topic table separately. This gives a very clear, uncluttered view of individual topics, each of which can be searched and sorted, followed by a link back to the topic menu. This would be a good choice if you already know the topic you are interested in.

Menu of Topics

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