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Improvisational Music Therapy for depressionAalbers, SonjaOpen University, Netherlands2014 -
Music therapy for attention regulation of forensic psychiatric patientsAlphen, Rob vanUniversity of Amsterdam, Netherlands2019 -
Experiences of transcendence and the process of surrender in guided imagery and music (GIM): Development of new understanding through theories of intersubjectivity and change in psychotherapyBlom, Katarina MårtensonAalborg University*,
Music therapy for improving mental health problems of offenders in correctional settingsChen, Xi JingAalborg University*,
Dialectical - Behavioral Music Therapy (DBMT) - A music therapy manual for the stationary DBT setting for the treatment of borderline personality disorderDeuble, IrinaUniversity of Music and Drama Hamburg*,
Music preference and identity in adults with self-esteem disordersDrazek-Kappus, KatrinUniversity of Osnabrueck; College Magdeburg-Stendal,
The Development of Therapeutic Alliance in Music Therapy with Forensic psychiatric patients with schizophreniaFrederiksen, Britta VinklerAalborg University*,
PraksisNett – Norwegian Primary Care Research Network: Pilot project on Music Therapy for Depression in Primary Health CareGold, ChristianGAMUT*, Bergen, Norway2019English
Cognitive behavioral music therapy in forensic psychiatry: Workable assumptions, empirical studies and theoretical foundations for primary goal-oriented treatmentHakvoort, LaurienTilburg University,
Transformation in Improvisation. An exploratory study of interpersonal interactions in musical improvisations of patients with borderline personality disorderFoubert, KatrienLUCA - School of Arts Leuven*,
Musical dynamics in time-limited intersubjective child psychotherapy: An exploration based on microanalysis of therapeutic interplayJohns, Unni TanumAalborg University*,
Development of short-term group music therapy for depressed patients in a clinical settingKolek, MartinUniversity of Music and Drama Hamburg*, Germany2018German
Music therapy and the resettlement of women prisoners: A mixed methods exploratory studyLeith, HelenAalborg University*,
Singing Inner Revolution: Music Therapy with Adolescents from Depressive and Panic DisordersLukk, EveUniversity of Music and Drama Hamburg*,
Outcomes and Processes of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) and its Adaptations and Psychodynamic Imaginative Trauma Therapy (PITT) for Women with Complex PTSDMaack, CarolaUniversity of Aalborg*,
Meeting between word and music in therapeutic process of verbal psychotherapy and music therapy integrated for adolescents group suffering of anorexiaNacinovich, RenataUniversity of Milan, Italy2021English
Experiencing intersubjectivity - an opportunity in music therapy. Psychotherapy process research on relationship and emotion regulation using the example of the treatment of borderline patients.Plitt, HeikeUniversity of Hildesheim,
Investigation of the psychological shape of music therapy first improvisations of patients with anorexia and bulimia nervosaReichert, BerndUniversity of Münster,
Effects of receptive music therapy in depressed patientsSchäfer, AnjaUniversity of Music and Drama Hamburg*,
The return of the similar: On the importance of musical objects in music therapy for adolescents with structural disorders.Smetana, MonikaUniversity of Music and Drama Vienna*,
The groove of recovery. A qualitative study of how people diagnosed with psychosis experience music therapySolli, Hans PetterGAMUT*, Bergen,
What do patients expect from music therapy? A questionnaire investigation to compare the expectations between group music therapy and group verbal psychotherapy with psychiatric patientsStahr, KatharinaUniversity of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna*, Austria2019German
Stress, relaxation and music - investigations into receptive music therapy in children and adolescentsStegemann, ThomasUniversity of Music and Drama Hamburg*,
Guided Imagery and Music with Military Women and Trauma: A Continuum Approach to Music and HealingStory, Kristin MayaAalborg University*,
Sounds at the limit. Interaction patterns in music therapy encounters with patients suffering from borderline personality disorderStrehlow, GittaUniversity of Music and Drama Hamburg*,
Music Therapy based Mindfulness for Patients with Remitted DepressionTzur Dachoach, MichalBar Ilan University, Israel2017English
From improvisation to composition - the use of the computer in music therapy to regulate emotions in schizophrenic patientsUnterberger, JohannesUniversity of Music and Drama Hamburg*,
Trauma-adapted music therapyWiesmüller, EdithUniversity of Music and Drama Hamburg*,
Feeling - recognizing – sharing: music therapy in psycho-emotional educationLucchino, A.; Rubbettino, F.; Scardamaglia, P.; Zaffina, I.; Pastore G.Department of Mental Health, Catanzaro Healthcare

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